Do you find yourself stressing over what to post to your business page? Are you “scheduling” content that isn’t getting any attention? Are you half-assing your way through social media as it’s the one-millionth thing you are doing for your business? Are you consistent with your brand? Have you been able to blend your personal image with your business? Are your followers engaged in what’s happening and not showing up? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, it’s time to BLOOM.

I am your business’s secret weapon. I am a full service (all things amazing) marketing agency specializing in creativity and keeping it real. There is no limit to what I can create for you. My dream is to see others succeed and I will passionately get you there. From entrepreneur to entrepreneur: I get it. 

I’ve been able to test many different ways to get noticed online. To start, branding is the foundation. Without a consistent and good-looking image, people lose interest. Think of it as the way you dress and present yourself at an important event or presentation, why would the style of your social media be any different?

I like to pick things up and put them down. This has everything to do with the creative process. We “pick” things up by constantly staying in the know of what’s trending and what our competitors have going on. But most importantly we stay inspired. Our creative flow is fueled by a deep passion and interest in visual influences. We “put” things down by posting engaging content that doesn’t get posted and dropped; instead our followers carry it along through shares, tags and likes.

Maintaining a creative flow is hands-down the most difficult part to creating an active social presence for your business. If you’re lacking a strategy or are craving a social media makeover and need to know how to start… I can help you BLOOM! Email

I have been so lucky to work with many industries to share their business with the online community. I specialize in content creation and social media strategies. Here are some of my current and former accounts/clients. 

  • Miss Priss Consignment Boutique @missprissormond

  • Riptides Raw Bar & Grill @riptidesrawbarormond

  • Bloom Guru @bloomguru

  • Glamp Your Grounds @glampyourgrounds

  • Rusty Wagon Redo Joint @rustywagonredojoint

  • Volusia Dining Days @volusiadiningdays

  • Ormond Restaurant Week @ormondrestaurantweek

  • Yoga Flash Mob @yogaflashmob_ig

  • Lentz Plastic Surgery @lentsplasticsurgery

  • Masterpiece Mixers @masterpiecemixersormond

  • Cruise Escapes @cruise_escapes_vacations

  • SubSafe @subsafeco

  • Twin Flame Bohemia @twinflamebohemia

  • Chicken Salad Chick @ormond_chick @port_orange_chick

  • Grind Gastropub & Kona Tiki Bar @grindgastropub

  • 31 Supper Club @31supperclub

  • La's Bistro @lasbistro

  • Details Flowers Software @detailsflowers

  • Blue Moon Yoga & Fitness @bluemoonyogaob

  • Odyssey Travel @ormondtraveler

  • Meal Prep Pro Togo @meal_prep_pro_togo

  • Chez Aline @chezalinecouture

  • Revive Fitness & Lifestyle Management @revivefitnesslife

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